Monroe Township High School Marching Band

Monroe Township High School, Monroe Township, NJ

2021 Program

Chiaroscuro: Where Darkness Meets Light

Megan Alexander (Director), Linds Burrell (Assistant Director)
Drum Major(s)
Elizabeth Tota (Drum Major), Sachit Hegde (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Rose Ayar (Band Captain and alto saxophone section leader), Alyssa Lester (Color Guard Captain), Nila Rajakumar (Flute section leader), Sandya Devanahally (Clarinet section leader), Chris Judge (Low reed section leader), Jake Rudnick (High brass section leader), Jordan Viszoki (High brass section leader), Nitish Haria (Low brass section leader), Billy Peters (Low brass section leader), Chloe Ramirez (Low brass section leader), Nicho Santos (Drumline section leader), Riya Sharma (Pit section leader), Siri Koppisetti (Morale officer), Ben Krasnove (Morale officer), Anika Paluri (Morale officer), Leanne Wong (Morale officer)
Design Staff – Music
Benjamin Schwartz (Music Arranger)
Design Staff – Visual
Robert Peterson (Drill Writer)
Design Staff – Percussion
Marty Griffin (Drumline and Pit Arranger), Joseph Echols (Drumline Arranger), Don Smith (Pit Arranger)
Instructional Staff – Music
Tiffany Lee (Woodwind Instructor), Bernadette Duran (Saxophone Instructor), Zach Grun (High Brass Instructor), Eric Kassay (Low Brass Instructor)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Sharon Maher (Color Guard Director), Stephanie Modzelewski (Assistant Color Guard Director), Kayla Albrethsen (Color Guard Instructor), Emily Miller (Color Guard Instructor), Rodney Farrar (Visual Specialist), Dominick Dzietczyk (Visual Specialist), Kayleigh Craver (Visual Specialist), AJ Tsistinas (Visual Specialist), Carson de la Rosa (Visual Specialist)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Joseph Echols (Drumline Instructor), Marty Griffin (Pit Instructor), Don Smith (Drumline and Pit Instructor)
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