Somerville High School Marching Band

Somerville High School, Somerville, NJ

2022 Fall Program

Empire City

Sean Ferguson (Band Director), Stephen Loretti (Assistant Band Director)
Drum Major(s)
Lily Tews (Drum Major), Luke Galioto (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Nate Cohen (Colorguard Captain), Kiarra Dalida (Colorguard Captain), Diego Gonzalez (Colorguard Captain), Patricia Leoniuk (Flute Section Leader), Toni Romani (Flute Section Leader), Liam Hall (Clarinet Section Leader), Sean Maizel (Clarinet Section Leader), Quentin Williams (Alto Saxophone Section Leader), Logan Fabriczi (Trumpet Section Leader), Maddy Van Dyke (Trumpet Section Leader), Cassie Shiloff (Trumpet Section Leader), Jessica Ortiz-Quinonez (Trombone Section Leader), Valeria Villagra (Trombone Section Leader), Joshua Rutka (Bari/Sousa Section Leader), Henry Szumigala (Bari/Sousa Section Leader), John Lovino (Battery Captain), Jason Lauducci (Battery Captain), Merrick Testa (Pit Captain)
Design Staff – Visual
Mike Niedziejko (Drill Designer)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Meghan Major (Percussion Caption Manager), Sean Maher (Battery Technician)
Instructional Staff – Auxiliary
Rick Delancy (Colorguard Caption Manager), Kerri Newlander (Colorguard Tech), Breanna Ferenzi (Colorguard Tech)

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