Immaculata Spartan Marching Band

Immaculata High School, Somerville, NJ

2021 Program


Nicholas Seifert (Band Director), Peter De Siena (Band Director)
Drum Major(s)
Christa Holland (Drum Major), Victoria Coey (Drum Major), Jacob Fickas (Drum Major)
Section Leaders
Karis Mathias (Pit Section Leader), James Plocic (Battery Section Leader), Marissa Mellyn (Woodwind Section Leader), Christopher Castro (Saxophone Section Leader), Abby Serrao (Brass Section Leader), Adriana Englehart (Guard Captain), Shannon Daly (Guard Captain)
Design Staff – Music
Rich Guillen (Horn Arranger)
Design Staff – Visual
Jake Montanero (Guard Designer), Dan Bonham (Drill Designer, Program Coordinator)
Design Staff – Percussion
Luke Chemidlin (Percussion Caption Head), Eric Zielonka (Front Ensemble Arranger)
Instructional Staff – Music
Haley Rogers (Woodwind Staff), Ray Gatchalian (Brass Staff)
Instructional Staff – Visual
Eileen Althouse (Visual Staff), Shannon Kelliher (Visual Staff), Meghan Lyttle (Visual Staff), Kelly Backus (Guard Caption Head), Victoria Plocic (Guard Staff)
Instructional Staff – Percussion
Luke Chemidlin (Percussion Caption Head), Eric Zielonka (Percussion Staff), Jacob Barrie (Percussion Staff), Jack Bonham (Percussion Staff), Nancy Bonham (Percussion Staff), Matthew LeBoeuf (Percussion Staff), Yoshi Shuyama (Percussion Staff)

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