Performing at the Top of Your Game Session


Performing at the Top of Your Game: USBands May KeyNote Session with Shirley Dorritie

Do you want to get better results from your hard work so that you can perform at the top of your game when it really counts?

Have you developed the technical skills to perform at your best, but still feel something getting in your way?

Do you prepare, prepare, prepare, and then freeze—or over-exert and blow up—when it comes time to deliver the “goods”?

Are self-criticism, worry, anxiety, and stage fright running your show?

Whether in the classroom, on the podium, on the field, or on the stage, author, psychotherapist, and educator Shirley Dorritie’s new book, Performing at the Top of Your Game: Practical Strategies for When it Really Counts, will help you maximize your strengths and increase your adaptability, resiliency, control, and confidence. 

USBands welcomes our Member Bands to join author Shirley Dorritie for the next KeyNote Session on Thursday, May 20 at 3PM ET where we explore her new book Performing at the Top of Your Game: Practical Strategies for When it Really Counts.  

Drawing upon decades of expertise in both the performing arts and counseling psychology,  Dorritie’s presentation distills a unique mix of strengths-based, brain and body-oriented approaches into practical strategies for achieving consistent, reliable performance—regardless of the conditions 

RSVP now for the May 20 KeyNote Session with Shirley Dorritie. Plus, USBands Member Schools are invited to a special Meet & Greet with the author after the session.

Plus, a special offer USBands Member Schools can save 15% and set the stage for the best performances yet! Use Coupon Code "USBands" when you order Performing at the Top of Your Game: Practical Strategies for When it Really Counts at

Combining user-friendly theory with experiential activities for you and your students, Performing at the Top of Your Game will help you to:

• Understand the key experiences and obstacles that all performers encounter—regardless of their endeavor.

• Discover what happens in your body and brain when you are under the pressure of performance.

• Uncover the unique performance challenges you face.

• Train your nervous system to react appropriately to those challenges.

• Strengthen the memories, beliefs, and reactions that get the results you want and deactivate those that get in your way.

• Specifically pinpoint not only WHAT you want to do, but WHY and HOW you want to do it.

• Master the eight essential skills for performing at the top of your game when it really counts!

About Shirley Dorritie

Shirley Dorritie specializes in training performers throughout the world for optimal achievement.  A licensed psychotherapist, with an MA in Body-Oriented Counseling Psychology and a Certificate in Sport Psychology, Shirley is the director of The Center for Performance and Achievement in the San Francisco bay area.  She works with a broad spectrum of individuals and groups—including performers, athletes, educators, corporate executives, and first-responders—who are required to manage their responses to the pressure of performance in order to deliver their best, regardless of the conditions.

Shirley defines performance as "DELIVERING THE GOODS" (whatever they are) RIGHT NOW (whatever the conditions are).  Being a great performer means that when the pressure of NOW comes—when the curtain opens, the baton is lifted, the downbeat hits, the tape rolls, your name is announced—you CAN DELIVER YOUR GOODS, rock-solid, without doubt, taking no prisoners.

Having served as an international adjudicator for the Marching Band, Winter Guard, and Drum Corps activities since 1983, Shirley is currently Judge Development Manager for Winter Guard International and Director of Education for the Winter Guard Association of Southern California. 

A member of the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame, the World Drum Corps Hall of Fame, and the WGASC’s Order of Excellence, her credits include the Concord Blue Devils and Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps, as well as the Clovis West and James Logan High School Marching Band programs.  

About USBands KeyNote Sessions with...

As a benefit of USBands Annual Membership, we are proud to announce The KeyNote Sessions with..., a new feature for music educators to have access to thought-leaders and influential minds in a series of conversations regarding the role of music education in the post-pandemic world and many more subjects to deepen and broaden educator’s reservoir of knowledge, tips, and tools.

Topics and KeyNote presenters will provide strategies and tactics to employ as educators look to sharpen your toolkit and explore professional development with true leaders in our activity.

Packaged as a 45-minute session with generous opportunities to follow-up and connect 1:1 with featured speakers, USBands KeyNote Session can fit into your monthly schedule as a time out for you to focus on your own growth as an educator, musician, and human being. 

USBands KeyNote Sessions with... will be scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 3PM ET from January-August, allowing you to plan ahead and gain the knowledge you need for the 21st Century band room and quench your thirst for meaningful training to implement for the benefit of your students.

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